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Dürr Offers Promising Combination


Frankfurt, May 2015 – Dürr's Environmental Technologies ensure the economic and ecological purification of industrial exhaust air; however it is not just about complying with mandated emission levels. When used in combination with Dürr's energy-efficiency products, exhaust-air purification systems also offer energy savings, especially for customers in the chemical industry. Dürr's Clean Technology Systems division will provide more information on this promising combination at the ACHEMA trade fair in Frankfurt from June 15 to 19, 2015. In the following interview Matthias Hagen, Sales Manager at EMEA, talks about yet another innovation Dürr will present at this leading international trade fair.

What makes the combination of systems for exhaust-air purification and the utilization of excess process heat so interesting?

In many European countries, we have already achieved a good standard in the treatment of exhaust gases and other pollutants. Our customers are now increasingly interested in making these systems more energy-efficient and thus more cost-efficient. To meet this growing demand, Dürr has been thinking outside of the box, and offering new approaches to a global market.

Dürr operates in a global market – what do you mean by that?

Our company is very well positioned around the world. Our customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries are reaping the benefits. They have projects in Asia, for example, which must be planned in Germany. For this Dürr will put together the perfect international team: European colleagues handle the planning, while our local colleagues look after the plant operators on site further down the line.

What products does Dürr offer in the field of energy efficiency?

One of them is the micro gas turbine, which can be used to replace a conventional thermal oxidizer. Thanks to this highly efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, it is possible to combine the purification of hydrocarbon-laden exhaust air with the generation of electricity and heat. Further products include Dürr Cyplan's ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and Dürr Thermea’s CO2 high-temperature heat pumps, which will also be shown at ACHEMA.

What else can visitors expect to see at your stand?

We will present the traditional exhaust-air purification systems: thermal oxidation processes, suitable in particular, for explosive exhaust gases; as well as catalytic systems for the removal of nitrogen oxide (NOx) from exhaust gases, commonly known as "DeNOx". In addition, we will provide information on our absorption and adsorption processes, which round off our portfolio thanks to Dürr's aquisition of LTB, Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth in June 2013. So instead of being neighbors, we will be sharing a stand at ACHEMA for the first time.

What innovation will you be presenting at the trade fair?

We will present our catalytic filter which combines three functions in one system. First, it filters dust using ceramic fiber elements, in particular at high temperatures. Secondly, its special coating also facilitates the removal of nitrogen oxide from exhaust gases, and finally, it enables desulfurization through the injection of sorbent. Our catalytic filter therefore solves three problems which often occur at the same time. Complex filtration systems normally required prior to a selective catalytic reduction process, or SCR DeNOx, are no longer mandatory. Our new system also boasts an impressive life span.

Where exactly will you be located at ACHEMA?

We will be at stand A14 in hall 9.1. As we would like to have plenty of time to analyze our customers' applications, we are asking customers to book appointments by sending an email to sales.environmental(at)

The Dürr Group is one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms. Products, systems and services offered by Dürr enable highly efficient manufacturing processes in different industries. Business with automobile manufacturers and their suppliers accounts for approximately 65% of Dürr's sales. Other market segments include, for example, the mechanical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and – since the takeover of HOMAG Group AG in October 2014 – the woodworking industry. Dürr has 92 business locations in 28 countries. With 14,200 employees, the Group plans to generate sales revenues of € 3.4 - 3.5 billion in 2015. The Dürr Group operates in the market with five divisions:

  • Paint and Final Assembly Systems: paint shops and final assembly systems for the automotive industry
  • Application Technology: robot technologies for the automatic application of paint as well as sealants and adhesives 
  • Measuring and Process Systems: balancing and cleaning systems as well as testing and filling Technology
  • Clean Technology Systems: exhaust-air purification systems and energy-efficiency technology
  • Woodworking Machinery and Systems: machinery and systems for the woodworking industry


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