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Dürr acquires KBA-CleanAir


Exhaust air purification systems from KBA-CleanAir are used in the printing industry, dye and paint manufacturing, surface treatment, and the chemicals industry.

Dürr strengthens its market position in exhaust air purification technology

Bietigheim-Bissingen, December 15, 2016 – Dürr Group acquired the KBA-CleanAir section of KBA-MetalPrint GmbH in Stuttgart with effect from 1 December 1, 2016. By so doing, Dürr is strengthening its market position in exhaust air purification technology and expanding the technology portfolio of its Clean Technology Systems environmental technology division. KBA-CleanAir was an independent company in the market prior to its acquisition, primarily offering thermally regenerative exhaust air purification systems for the printing and coating industries.

KBA-CleanAir recorded turnover of almost EUR 10 million in 2016 and employs around 20 people at its company headquarters in Stuttgart. KBA-Metalprint GmbH, the company under which KBA-CleanAir formerly operated, is a subsidiary of the press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer. Dürr took over the assets of KBA-CleanAir as part of an asset deal.

The KBA-CleanAir employees will move to the Dürr headquarters, some 12 miles away in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Service coverage for KBA-CleanAir systems is completely guaranteed.

Ralph Heuwing, the Dürr AG Board member responsible for the Clean Technology Systems division: “The acquisition of KBA-CleanAir is a further step in the strategic expansion of our activities in the field of exhaust air purification technology. With its completion, we are gaining access to innovative technologies and experienced employees to round off our range of products and services. We also anticipate synergies in purchasing and development as well as a strengthening of the service business.”

KBA-CleanAir offers efficient systems for purifying solvent-laden and strong-smelling exhaust air. The thermal exhaust air purification systems are primarily used in the metal packaging and printing industries as well as in dye and paint manufacturing, surface treatment, and the chemicals industry. KBA-CleanAir enjoys good market access, particularly in Europe. It has also successfully completed orders in Asia in recent years.


The Dürr Group is one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with outstanding automation expertise. Products, systems and services offered by the Group enable highly efficient manufacturing processes in different industries. Dürr supplies not only the automotive industry but also other sectors such as the mechanical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and – since the takeover of HOMAG Group AG in October 2014 – the woodworking industry. Dürr has 92 business locations in 28 countries. With just under 15,000 employees, the Group generated sales revenues of € 3.77 billion in 2015. The Group operates in the market via five divisions

  • Paint and Final Assembly Systems: paintshops and final assembly systems for the automotive industry
  • Application Technology: robot technologies for the automated application of paint, sealants and adhesives
  • Measuring and Process Systems: balancing and cleaning equipment as well as assembly, testing and filling technology
  • Clean Technology Systems: exhaust-air purification systems and energy efficiency technology
  • Woodworking Machinery and Systems: machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry


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