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Movies / Simulations

Dürr RL - Single Valve Advanced RTO Technology With only a single valve and destruction efficiencies greater than 99% guaranteed, the Dürr RL is the most advanced RTO technology available. This video will give viewers a better understanding of the efficient and effective operation of the RL from fabrication, shipping, installation, to operation.

Dürr Ecopure KPR - VOC ConcentratorEcopure KPR plants are used mainly for the treatment of large exhaust air volumes with pollutant concentrations up to approx.
1 g/m³
Dürr at HARFKO in South Korea (Korean subtitle)Dürr and GS Neotek launched energy efficiency products at the HARFKO. Highlight was the thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps with the natural refrigerant R744 - CO2
Dürr Thermea - Thermeco2-series 
(Korean subtitle)
The thermeco2-series with the natural refrigerant CO2 contain high-temperature heat pumps, chillers with air cooling and refrigeration dryers for compressed air systems. The machines are especially qualified for manufacturing applications and building technology.
 Dürr ORC"You can`t spell it, but you can green it": Environmental technology in Baden-Württemberg
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