Pharmaceutical Industry

Air abatement System VAR

After oxidation of the pollutants in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be necessary to eliminate any halogenated compounds from the inorganic residues by means of absorption and/or a catalytic reactor is required to separate nitrous oxides into nitrogen and oxygen. Here, Dürr optimizes energy management within exhaust air purification systems.  If liquid solvent residues are available, they are used in order to save on primary energy.


    API Production

      Conditions: Normally small air flows with sometimes high peak concentrations, very often halogenated hydrocarbons as Methylenechloride.  Other solvents that may be present in this process are Acetone, Isopropanole and many others.

      Abatement System Recommendation: Dürr recommends the Ecopure® VAR Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer.  In specific conditions, the addition of a waste heat steam boiler and scrubber would be beneficial.  In many instances though, the Ecopure® RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizerfabricated with corrosion resistant materials is effective if exhaust gas is diluted with fresh air below 25 % of the lower explosion limit before the RTO inlet.

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