Automotive and Industrial Paint Industry

For automotive paint applications and other similar branches of industry, Dürr offers a solution for high air volumes with a low concentration of solvents.  Adsorption systems, known as the Ecopure® KPR concentrator, purify exhaust air from paint lines.  In compliance with statutory regulations, VOCs are removed from a relatively large volume of exhaust air before passed on as a smaller exhaust stream to a thermal oxidizer, usually a primary energy saving regenerative thermal oxidation system (Ecopure® RTO), for further abatement. As part of an energy management approach, the heat energy contained in the exhaust stream can be used to preheat the supply of fresh air needed for the paint lines.

Recuperative thermal oxidizers (Ecopure® TAR) are installed to abate pollutant laden exhaust air from paint curing ovens. The heat energy released by this process can be used directly as a source of heating for the drying zone.

Air abatement system RTO
Air abatement system TAR



Spray booths
The volatile organic compound pollutants (VOCs) in the exhaust air from paint spray booths for metal, plastic, or wood surfaces with relatively low concentrations (< 1,000 mg/Nm³) can be continuously adsorbed in a concentrator. The concentrated air stream flowing out of the concentrator is smaller by a factor of 10 to 20, and is then efficiently purified in a subsequent Ecopure® TAR recuperative thermal oxidizer with relatively low energy input.

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