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Ecopure® TAR

TAR Incinerator
Ecopure® TAR
Ecopure® TARCOM Burner

The most basic and simple system for exhaust air abatement is the Ecopure® TAR compact unit. It consists of a:

  • Combustion chamber,
  • Burner and
  • Integrated adjustable heat exchanger for pre-heating the exhaust air.

Dürr has standardized 7 sizes, so you can choose the appropriate size to suit the exhaust air volume to be treated.

For larger temperature turndown ratios, the unit can also be supplied with a multi-function bypass.

Thereby the outlet temperature of the treated exhaust air can be adjusted independently of the combustion chamber temperature. The system can adapt the treated-air temperature to the respective heat requirements of connected consumers in production without reducing the residential time.

In the combustion chamber of the compact unit, the contaminants contained in the exhaust air are incinerated at a temperature of approx. 720 °C, leaving virtually no residues. The energy required for this is covered by the energy of the contaminants contained in the exhaust air - solvents and plasticizers - and the additional fuel fed in, normally natural gas.
The TARCOM Burner, specially developed by Dürr for TAR units, leads directly to significant energy savings. Due to its special flame geometry it achieves a perfect combustion result with up to 40° C lower combustion chamber temperatures when compared to conventional cone burners, depending on the application. This saves material, increases the service life and at the same time significantly reduces operating costs.

The TARCOM burner is available for natural gas or LPG operation, and is also available as a dual burner for two different types of gas. (Oil burner on request).
The clean gas produced during the incineration process leaves the compact unit through the integrated heat exchanger. In the area of application described here (paint shops), the heat still contained in the clean gas is used mainly for heating the ovens and, if heat wheels are installed, is also used for heating air supply units.


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