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Dürr at Harfko in South Korea:

CO2 High Temperature Heat Pump

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Dürr at Harfko in South Korea:


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Heat pumps

Under the brand name thermeco2 the company Dürr thermea GmbH manufactures high-temperature heat pumps, chillers and compressed-air refrigeration dryers for industrial applications and building technology. All thermeco2 machines are operated with the climate-neutral refrigerant CO₂.

The high-temperature heat pumps of the thermeco2 HHR series reach flow temperatures up to 110 °C and heating capacities up to 1,100 kW. The machines are suitable for the application in heating and process heating supply, especially in the automotive production.
They recover up to 75 % of the necessary energy from waste heat. Thus, they are very energy-efficient and amortize quickly. A particularly economic application is represented by the possibility of simultaneous generation of air conditioning or process cooling and high-temperature heat.
Appropriate applications are to find, for instance, in painting technology where refrigeration is needed for dehumidification processes and heat may be used for heating the air or for drying processes.

The thermeco2 ADR series comprise particularly environmentally friendly refrigeration dryers for compressed-air systems with large air volumes and dryer capacities, graduated into four frame sizes between 11,000 and 27,500 m³/h. Smaller or larger air volumes are possible on request. The compressed-air refrigeration dryers may optionally be suited with high-temperature heat recovery up to 90 °C. The refrigeration dryers refinance themselves via heat recovery.

The thermeco2 machines expand Dürr´s product range about the utilization of heat and waste heat by another environmentally friendly technology.

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