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Our responsive customer service will help you as speedily as possible, to enable you to resume production without major downtimes.

Beyond putting your machine back into operation, we are also at your disposal to support you with any other balancing problems which might arise.
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Modifications / Modernization

Is your current abatement system not meeting environmental compliance?  Need to increase capacity and reduce energy consumption?  Not enough initial capital for a new thermal oxidizer?  Don‘t replace your system, let Dürr revitalize it!

Dürr supplies complete abatement system modification solutions covering design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning. Modifications and retrofits are tailored to your individual requirements.

Dürr has experience with all different style abatement systems.  This includes:

  • Recuperative Oxidizers
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
  • Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers
  • Concentrators
  • Catalytic Oxidizers
  • NOx Abatement Systems (Selective Catalytic Reduction)


Also, Dürr will provide modification services for competitor units as well.

Our experience building new systems enhances our ability to improve existing ones with new engineering and technology. We use your existing structure and replace old contents with new. The process is thorough, the results dramatic. 

Dürr can provide the following retrofit solutions:

  • Ceramic Heat Exchange Media Change-outs
  • System Upgrades and Optimization
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rebuilds and Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer Conversions
  • Energy Audits and Retrofits
  • Cold Face Replacement
  • Natural gas injection to maximize fuel efficiency
  • Control system upgrades
  • Ducting and enclosures for increased capture efficiency
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