Smart Future

Digital transformation turbocharges the efficiency gains in production systems. Dürr is actively promoting this transformation. Through its digital@DÜRR strategy, the company is preparing itself for Industry 4.0. digital@DÜRR consists of four core areas: smart products, smart services, smart processes and smart factories. All of these are based on smart technology. Thanks to a high-performance Industrial Internet-of-Things platform – in short: IIoT – we can collect and evaluate big data to optimize production and increase system availability. Together with leading mechanical engineering firms and software specialist Software AG, we have created the ADAMOS IIoT platform. Based on this platform, we provide our customers with a digital marketplace/portal with different applications. These include predictive maintenance, dashboarding/condition monitoring and anomaly detection. Due to our customers' different requirements, we have developed specific digital marketplaces for Dürr and Schenck customers under the LOXEO brand and for HOMAG customers under the tapio brand.

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